Power struggle between the adult and child in Alice's adventures in Wonderland

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Author: Aihong Ren
Date: Aug. 2015
Publisher: Academy Publication Co., LTD
Document Type: Critical essay
Length: 5,101 words

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Lewis Carroll portrays the struggle of power between the adult and child in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and displays a strong sympathy for the child Alice who is thrown into a mad and disorderly world of adults. Those adult figures are all anxious to dominate Alice and infantilize her. But the powerless child shares and asserts her power in the adult world. By describing Alice's struggle against the adult figures for power, Lewis Carroll exposes and challenges the power relationships of adult and child, and subverts the social conventions and binary opposition between the adult and the child. Index Terms--Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, power struggle, adult, child

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