Mercedes Lackey: Overview

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Author: Mary Corran
Editor: David Pringle
Date: 1996
Publisher: Gale
Document Type: Critical essay
Length: 666 words

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Mercedes Lackey must surely win a prize for being the most prolific writer in the fantasy field over the past eight years. Whether individually or in collaboration, she has produced an astonishing number of novels since the appearance of Arrows of the Queen in 1987 and is widely regarded as one of the successes of the past decade.

The majority of her own works (some in collaboration with her husband, Larry Dixon) take place within the world of Valdemar over a 600-year timescale, encompassing Valdemar (a Scandinavian name meaning "famous ruler") and its surrounding states; the Heralds of Valdemar, the protectors of that land, are chosen for their innate goodness by their bonded Companions, horses which are both telepathic and godlike in nature. Each set of novels explores further geographic territory within the world, and by the Mage Winds trilogy, set at the same period as the best-selling Heralds series, Lackey incorporates characters, weapons and races from earlier novels—such as the Hawkbrother Adepts from the Last...

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