Vasilii Shukshin and the Russian fairy tale: a study of 'Until the Cock Crows Thrice.'

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Date: Apr. 1997
From: The Modern Language Review(Vol. 92, Issue 2)
Publisher: Modern Humanities Research Association
Document Type: Article
Length: 5,427 words

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Russian writer Vasilii Shukshin used fairy tales in his later career to address his belief that fool-type misfits have spiritual depth and a greater humanity than ordinary people. Shukshin's fairy tale 'Until the Cock Crows Thrice' could be perceived as a parody of the ancient skazka, or fairy tale, genre as well as a parody of the sovietization of fairy tales in the twentieth-century. Shukshin began his career writing sentimental village stories and he is still considered a derevenshchik, or village-prose writer, despite having also written screenplays and satirical and fantasy pieces.

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