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Date: Annual 2008
From: Thomas Wolfe Review(Vol. 32)
Publisher: Thomas Wolfe Society
Document Type: Article
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HarperCollins has announced the upcoming publication of a book that will certainly interest our readers. The firm is reissuing the first three sections of The Web and the Rock as The Web and the Root, with an introduction by John L. Idol Jr. Publication is currently scheduled for July 2009.

Two Society members have written articles about Wolfe for soon-to-be-published books from Blackwell-Wiley. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century American Fiction, edited by Justus Nieland, will include an essay by Terry Roberts, while Anne R. Zahlan's article will appear in A Companion to the Twentieth-Century American Novel, edited by David Seed.

Joanne Marshall Mauldin's Thomas Wolfe: When Do the Atrocities Begin?...

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