On the Reflection of Naturalism in the Main Character in The Call of the Wild

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Author: Xiu Zeng
Date: Nov. 2018
From: Theory and Practice in Language Studies(Vol. 8, Issue 11)
Publisher: Academy Publication Co., LTD
Document Type: Critical essay
Length: 4,101 words

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Jack London is one of the most outstanding and celebrated critical realists in American literature in the 20th century, he is well recognized in his artistic creation of literary works with the feature of naturalism. The Call of the Wild is one of his naturalistic works filled with adventure and fighting spirit. The main character of the novel is a dog named Buck By concentrating on Buck's gradual reversion from a civilized pet to a primordial beast, Jack London demonstrates the power of heredity and environment in determining and shaping one's mind and behaviors. Naturalists believe that mankind is the product of environment, the power of heredity and force of environment are greater than the will of human beings. It is not the strongest of the species that can survive, but the one most responsive to changes. Humans have to adapt themselves to the environment for survival. In The Call of the Wild, the principle of literary naturalism is mainly reflected in the effects of the hereditary and environmental factors on the fate of the main character, Buck. Index Terms--naturalism, adaption, survive

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