Review of Immigrants in Our Own Land

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Author: John Addiego
Publisher: Gale, a Cengage Company
Document Type: Critical essay; Excerpt
Length: 446 words

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[In the following excerpt, Addiego reviews Immigrants in Our Own Land, praising Baca's style and comparing him favorably to Walt Whitman.]

[Jimmy Santiago Baca's] Immigrants in Our Own Land is a howl, a growling wail, a “trip through the mind jail” (as Raul Salinas' poem by that title described the agonizing process of remembering from inside the confines of oppression 15 years ago). This is the jail for real: most of Baca's poetry was written while he was in prison, and I think it's valuable for two reasons: because it addresses a constituency in desperate need of articulate voices (a 1979 study [for Ricardo Chavira's “West Coast Story,” Nuestro, May, 1980]...

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