British Virginia: digital publisher of colonial documents

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Author: Joshua Eckhardt
Date: Fall 2013
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
Document Type: Article
Length: 635 words

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British Virginia,, is a new, open-access, digital, academic publisher. It offers free (and freely reusable), peer-reviewed, documentary editions of texts touching on the colony. The publisher launched on April 25, 2013 with two editions of the earliest surviving sermon printed for the Virginia Company of London, which William Symonds preached on that date in 1609. The general editors welcome proposals for scholarly editions of documents within this broad range.

British Virginia editions appear principally in digital form, specifically in the now-free Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Readers may freely download them from the British Virginia website, hosted by the libraries at Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to storing them, VCU Libraries is also cataloging all British Virginia editions, so that students and scholars will be able to find them in WorldCat. Since the final destination for scholarship is the university library, we are publishing British Virginia editions directly to, and through, the library--and then relying on the...

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