Catbiscuits and Roquefort

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Author: Horace Bent
Date: Apr. 11, 2008
From: The Bookseller(Issue 5327)
Publisher: Bookseller Media Limited
Document Type: Critical essay
Length: 705 words

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One always enjoys a dash of self-promotion, especially when it concerns one's formidable influence in a billion-pound industry. Those lovely people at Nielsen BookScan, out in the boondocks of Woking--God's gift to concrete--provided me with some startling statistics on my monumental contributions.

My careful, considered compilation of the Diagram shortlist has resulted in an 800% increase in the sales of I Was Tortured by the Pygmy Love Queen--to a towering nine copies post-announcement. But the one copy of Cheese Problems Solved sold through the Totally Consuming Market was, shockingly, purchased at 5% off the 125 [pounds sterling] r.r.p. Cheapskates. Although, if it means that Roquefort Papillon remains plentiful at my local Waitrose, I shall be happy.

Dear Horace

Can I be the only person who is wondering if bookselling sage Martin Grindley made it into People Who Mattered in Southend and Beyond? I would date him somewhere between King Canute and Dr Feelgood, probably nearer to the Feelgoods. Colin Marshall, University of Leicester Bookshop

Horace replies

Unfortunately, despite my clear influence in the realm of the...

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