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Author: Anthony Barboza
Date: Winter 2009
From: Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire(Vol. 9, Issue 1)
Publisher: Institute of African-American Affairs (IAAA)
Document Type: Photograph
Length: 832 words

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In 1971, Essence magazine called me to do a shoot of Miles Davis. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Yet when I questioned different people who had worked with and knew Miles, everyone said he could be unpredictable, strange and full of surprises, with a nasty attitude. One photographer told me that when he went to his townhouse to photograph him, Miles went upstairs and didn't come back down for four hours. Well, at least I was prepared and I wasn't about to turn down the assignment, t arrived at the townhouse in the 70s on the West Side of Manhattan, ready for anything.

Miles opened the door and was very gracious from the moment he saw me. He was totally, cooperative and wonderful in every way. I spent a good part of the day shooting him in different rooms of the house. He would change outfits for different shots. At one point I shot him in front of his closet, full of clothes and shoes. He told me that he would buy shirts for a concert and have to throw them away afterwards, because they were drenched in perspiration. At the end of the day he ordered wine and had prepared a fish soup from a giant...

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