Celebrating Miles Davis: A Paris show illuminates the life and music of the great jazz musician

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Date: Spring 2010
From: Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire(Vol. 10, Issue 1)
Publisher: Institute of African-American Affairs (IAAA)
Document Type: Article
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PARIS -- Jazz has always had more respect as an art form in Europe than in its home country, where appreciation too often gets tangled in the politics of race. We Want Miles: Jazz Face to Face With Its Legend is an extensive exhibition on the life and work of legendary Miles Davis at the Cité de la Musique in Paris. It offers the kind of loving attention that few jazz musicians, dead or alive ever get in the U.S. The exhibit, which opened on October 16, closes on January 17.

Spread over nearly 9,000 square feet on two floors of the music museum, the show covers the full span of Davis's artistic life, from rare photographs of him in childhood with his family and at age 16 in a St. Louis dance band, to sound tracks of his final recordings in the 1980s and several of the instruments he played.

Davis's role as a seminal player, creator, and innovator in jazz is well covered in this multimedia exhibit, which includes displays of instruments he played, scores from some of his most famous recordings, video and audio recordings, news clippings and reviews...

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