The "loathly landlady," Chagallian unions, and Malamudian parody: "The Girl of My Dreams" revisited

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Author: Joel Salzberg
Date: Fall 1993
From: Studies in Short Fiction(Vol. 30, Issue 4)
Publisher: Studies in Short Fiction
Document Type: Article
Length: 5,824 words

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Bernard Malamud incorporates the loathly lady from Arthurian literature and Marc Chagall's vision of marital unions to offer a parody of the author's own quest for success in his short story 'The Girl of My Dreams.' As such, the story can be read as a case study for the way in which Malamud will continue to invoke his Muse through the use of parody. The author saw his own early life in a satirical fashion and uses the fairy tale powers of the loathly lady to ironically portray his search for inspiration. The story is discussed in this context.

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