Auditory problems in elderly patients with stroke

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Date: July 1994
From: Age and Ageing(Vol. 23, Issue 4)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Document Type: Article
Length: 3,374 words

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Strokes appear to affect central auditory perception in elderly patients. Strokes can cause lesions in the brain, sometimes in the central auditory area, which affects a persons' ability to distinguish between speech and background noise for purposes of listening and conversation. A group of stroke patients' scores on a dichotic competing sentence test, which mimics conversation in typical listening conditions, was compared to the scores of non-stroke patients of similar age. Seventeen of the 25 stroke patients failed the test, compared to only one of 25 non-stroke patient. This suggests that dichotic competing sentence tests may be useful in detecting the presence of central auditory dysfunction in stroke patients.

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