Diversity analysis in an F2 population of hybrid from Faisalabad x Fm36 using morphological and RADP molecular markers

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According to the latest developments, quantity and quality of the agricultural products have been enhanced by increasing cultivated areas and employing scientific techniques in agriculture, economic traits and level of their effect on environment are concerns of plant breeders (). So experiments are conducted on diverse generations in order to obtain cultivars or special plants improved behavior. In this case, for investigation of morphologic diversity in F2F2 wheat population of hybrid Faisalabad x FM36 with opposite morphologic traits and study of inheritance manner of some traits using to molecular markers, traits showed genetics variance and inheritance in the experiments. The results showed that traits of hair-like glume and dominance of them in spring are controlled by dominant gene, but the density number of days until emergence of the ears had the most negative direct effect and length of the ear (hyacinth) had the significant indirect effect on seed yield. Key words: F2 population, Faisalabad cutlery, wheat, line fm 36, direction coefficient analysis.

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