Backward walking: a possible active exercise for low back pain reduction and enhanced function in athletes

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From: Journal of Exercise Physiology Online(Vol. 14, Issue 2)
Publisher: American Society of Exercise Physiologists
Document Type: Report
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Dufek JS, House AJ, Mangus BC, Melcher GG, Mercer JA. Backward Walking: A Possible Active Exercise for Low Back Pain Reduction and Enhanced Function in Athletes. JEPonline 2011; 14(1):17-26. Specific pathologies that associate with low back pain (LBP) challenge athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals with techniques to treat stricken athletes. The primary purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a backward walking exercise program in alleviating LBP and enhancing function in athletes. A secondary purpose was to identify which aspects of backward walking performance may be beneficial to the alleviation of LBP. Subjects, who included NCAA Division I athletes experiencing LBP (n = 5) and healthy, active individuals not experiencing LBP (n = 5), performed a pre-test, 3-week intervention of backward walking, and post-test. Low back range of motion, stride parameters, shock attenuation and pain scores were measured and/or recorded during each test session. Group results for 2 (group) x 2 (time) ANOVAs identified significant (p Key Words: Athletic Rehabilitation, Retro Walking, Back Pain, Spine

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