Fibrotic stenosis of the third duodenum complicating a post-traumatic pancreatitis, about a rare case

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Date: April-June 2014
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Byline: Youssef. Narjis, Ryad. Jgounni, Nadia. Ihfa

Dear Editor,

Fibrous stenosis post-traumatic duodenum is exceptional. In fact, most duodenal hematomas resolve spontaneously without sequelae, and less than a dozen sightings have been reported in literature. This pathology presents diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic problems. [sup][1]

A 36-years-old male patient with no medical history was victim of an accident at work, which caused an epigastric abdominal contusion. At his admission, the hemodynamic status was stable. Abdominal examination found epigastric tenderness and a normal temperature. Digital rectal examination was normal. The WBC showed a slight leukocytosis at 12000e/mm3. An abdominal ultrasonography showed a few intra-peritoneal liquid. The pancreas has not been explored. The abdominal computed tomography (CT) found a hematoma of the duodenal wall with increased volume of the pancreas, without pneumoperitoneum. A conservative treatment was undertaken with diet and parenteral nutrition, analgesia by paracetamol, and monitoring of hemodynamic and abdominal status....

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