Grey's Anatomy goes South: Global Racism and Suspect Identities in the Colonial Present

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Author: Colleen D. Bell
Date: Fall 2013
From: Canadian Journal of Sociology(Vol. 38, Issue 4)
Publisher: Canadian Journal of Sociology
Document Type: Report
Length: 8,595 words
Lexile Measure: 1460L

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This article explores the biometric documentation of civilians by coalition forces in the battle zones of the "war on terror." With the growth of population-centric operations, harvesting body data is a key dimension of efforts to divide the population between civilians and insurgents, and also serves as a general strategy of population management over life perceived to be potentially dangerous. This article examines how these dividing and governance tactics are part of a global racism that is manifest in North-South conflict. The racism that underpins biometric technology is reflected in the racial dynamic of Western-led counter-insurgency operations, in which the US and its allies expand control over southern populations. In so doing, the insecurity of said populations is deepened and the political dimensions of global inequality are accentuated. Keywords: biometrics, race, racism, counterinsurgency, war on terror, biopolitics Cet article examine la documentation biometrique de civiles par les forces de coalition dans les zones de bataille de la "guerre contre la terreur." Avec la croissance des operations centree sur la population, la recolte des donnees du corps est une dimension essentielle des efforts deployes pour diviser la population entre les civiles et les insurges, servant aussi comme une strategie generale de gestion de la population contre la vie percue comme potentiellement dangereuse. Cet article examine comment ces tactiques de division et de gouvernance font partie d'un racisme global qui se manifeste dans un conflit Nord-Sud. Le racisme qui soutient la technologie biometrique est reflete dans la dynamique raciale des operations anti-insurrectionnelles menees par l'Ouest, dont les Etats-Unis et ses allies etendent le controle sur les populations du Sud. Ce faisant, l'insecurite de ces populations est s'approfondit et les dimensions politiques des inegalites dans le monde sont accentuees. Mots cles: biometrie, race, racisme, contre-insurrection, guerre contre le terrorisme, biopolitique

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