The effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae supplementation on intake, nutrient digestibility, and rumen fluid pH in Awassi female lambs

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From: Veterinary World(Vol. 11, Issue 7)
Publisher: Veterinary World
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Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of feeding low (LO)- or high (HI)-fiber diets supplemented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae (SC) on nutrient intake, digestibility, nitrogen balance, rumen fluid pH, and serum concentrations of glucose and urea nitrogen in Awassi female lambs in a 2*2 factorial arrangement of treatments. Materials and Methods: Experimental diets were as follows: (1) LO-fiber diet with no SC supplementation (-LO), (2) LO-fiber diet supplemented with SC (+LO), (3) HI-fiber diet with no SC supplementation (-HI), or (4) HI-fiber diet supplemented with SC (+HI). Eight female lambs were used in a replicated 4*4 Latin square design with 15-day experimental periods (10-day adaptation period and 5-day collection period). Results: A fiber x SC interaction (p[less than or equal to]0.05) was detected for dry matter (DM) and crude protein (CP) intake among diets showing greater DM and CP intake for +LO diet compared to +HI group supplemented with SC, whereas -LO and -HI were intermediate. A fiber*SC interaction (p=0.05) was also detected for the neutral detergent fiber (NDF) intake among diets. Intake of NDF was greater for the -HI diet compared with +LO and -LO diets. Similarly, NDF intake was greater for +HI diet than -LO diet. A tendency (p=0.07) for a fiber*SC interaction was detected for acid detergent fiber (ADF) intake among diets as well. ADF intake tended to be greater for HI-fiber diets. No difference was observed in the rumen fluid pH for lambs fed with the different diets. No fiber*SC interactions were detected for the digestibility of DM, CP, NDF, and ADF among dietary treatments. Digestibility of DM was greater (72.9 g/100 g vs. 67.1 g/100 g; p=0.0002) for LO versus HI fiber. However, NDF and ADF digestibilities were greater (60.8 and 61.9 g/100 g vs. 55.8 and 52.7 g/100 g for NDF and ADF digestibility, respectively; p Conclusion: Results obtained in the current study indicate that SC supplementation has a minimal effect on the performance of Awassi female lambs fed with varying fiber levels. Keywords: Awassi female lamb, intake, nutrients digestibility, yeast supplementation.

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