Methionine supplementing effects on intestine, liver and uterus morphology, and on positivity and expression of Calbindin-D28k and TRPV6 epithelial calcium carriers in laying quail in thermoneutral conditions and under thermal stress

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 16, Issue 1)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Document Type: Report
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This study aimed to provide the performance, localization and expression of the epithelial calcium transporter channels Calbindin-D28k (Calb) and TRPV6, and of the morphology of the digestive and reproductive system of laying quail under heat stress (HS), and with methionine supplementation (MS). This study characterized the positivity (immunohistochemistry) and expression (real-time PCR) of calcium channels in the kidneys, intestine and uterus of 504 laying quails under different MS (100, 110 and 120%) and temperatures (20, 24, 28 and 32°C). The animals under HS (32°C) had lower villus height, villus:crypt ratio, and goblet cell index in the duodenum and jejunum, fewer secondary and tertiary uterine folds, smaller hepatic steatosis, and increased number of distal convoluted renal tubules (CT) positive to Calb, and increased positivity in proximal CTs. Deleterious effects of HS were minimized with MS for: duodenal crypts, number of goblet cells of the jejunum, number of uterine folds, decreased Calb positivity in intestines and kidney, increased positivity of Calb in the uterus and increased TRPV6 gene expression in the kidney (P[less than or equal to]0.05). Epithelial calcium transporters were altered due to less need for calcium absorption and reabsorption due to more calcium available with the MS, increasing egg production in HS and quality in termoneutrality (P[less than or equal to]0.05). MS further increased intestinal villus absorption area and height, increased steatosis, decreased Calb positivity in the intestine and kidney, increased uterine positivity of Calb, and increase Calb and TRPV6 expression in the kidney (P[less than or equal to]0.001) under thermoneutrality. It was concluded that the use of MS (120%) is justifiable in order to partially reverse the deleterious effects of HS on the production, in the epithelial calcium carriers, and in the digestory and reproductive morphology of laying quail.

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