Towards 'Creative Participatory Science': Exploring Future Scenarios Through Specialist Drought Science and Community Storytelling.

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Date: Feb. 5, 2021
Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
Document Type: Article
Length: 452 words
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Author(s): Antonia Liguori, Lindsey McEwen, James Blake, Michael Wilson

There is a growing interest in different forms of participatory modeling that bring science and lay knowledge into the same space. This recognizes that, traditionally, the environmental science community has mostly seen stakeholder engagement as a 'follow on' activity to be undertaken once the key scientific research has been completed. By excluding communities from the scientific process, or at best approaching communities in one-way communication, scientists are missing out on the wealth of local community knowledge about the very facets of the environment which they seek to understand. The challenge, however, is in identifying, developing and adopting appropriate platforms for communication and co-creation to...

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