Seasonal Variation in Chemical Composition of Size-Segregated Aerosols Over the Northeastern Arabian Sea.

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Author(s): Ankush Kaushik, Ashwini Kumar, M. A Aswini, P. P. Panda, Garima Shukla, N. C. Gupta

Water-soluble species constitute a significant fraction (up to 60-70%) of the total aerosol loading in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL). The "indirect" effects, that is, climate forcing due to modification of cloud properties depend on the water-soluble composition of aerosols. Thus, the characterization of aerosols over the MABL is of greater relevance. Here, we present 1-year long aerosol chemical composition data of PM<sub>10</sub> and PM<sub>2.5</sub> at a costal location in the northeastern Arabian Sea (Goa; 15.45°N, 73.20°E, 56m above the sea level). Average water-soluble ionic concentration (sum of...

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