Continuous bubble streams for controlling marine biofouling on static artificial structures.

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From: PeerJ(Vol. 9)
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Biofouling accumulation is not proactively managed on most marine static artificial structures (SAS) due to the lack of effective options presently available. We describe a series of laboratory and field trials that examine the efficacy of continuous bubble streams in maintaining SAS free of macroscopic biofouling and demonstrate that this treatment approach is effective on surface types commonly used in the marine environment. At least two mechanisms were shown to be at play: the disruption of settlement created by the bubble stream, and the scouring of recently settled larvae through shear stress. Field trials conducted over a one-year period identified fouling on diffusers as a major issue to long-term treatment applications. Field measurements suggest that noise associated with surface mounted air blowers and sub-surface diffusers will be highly localised and of low environmental risk. Future studies should aim to develop and test systems at an operational scale.

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