A Landscape-Level Assessment of Restoration Resource Allocation for the Eastern Monarch Butterfly.

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Author(s): Rodrigo Solis-Sosa, Arne à. Mooers, Maxim Larrivée, Sean Cox, Christina A. D. Semeniuk

The Monarch butterfly eastern population (<italic>Danaus plexippus</italic>) is in decline primarily due to habitat loss. Current habitat restoration programs focus on re-establishing milkweed, the primary food resource for Monarch caterpillars, in the central United States of America. However, individual components of the Monarch life cycle function as part of an integrated whole. Here we develop the MOBU-SDyM, a migration-wide systems dynamics model of the Monarch butterfly migratory cycle to explore alternative management strategies' impacts. Our model offers several advances over previous efforts, considering complex variables such as...

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