For a New Alterity of Islam in European Perspective.

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Date: Spring 2021
From: Insight Turkey(Vol. 23, Issue 2)
Publisher: SETA Foundation for Political, Economic, and Social Research
Document Type: Article
Length: 6,179 words
Lexile Measure: 1710L

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The depiction of Islam and Muslims in Europe has, in general, been dominated by an 'Othering in which they are considered inherently different, because of their ethnic or geographical origin or due to conceptions of Islam as a non-modern phenomenon, incompatible with Western democratic societies. Without ignoring successful integration experiences, recent cases of Islamophobia in Europe demonstrate the continued assumption of the Islamic 'Other from a negative point of view. This otherness is particularly visible in the case of Turkey, which due to its truncated process of accession to the European Union has been subject to constant debates on its Europeanness. To overcome this harmful vision, the application of a democratic 'Alterity is proposed. This allows, based on identity, a dialogue between different parties, in which the other is not only recognized but their position can also be assumed as ones own. Keywords: Alterity, Otherness, Identity, Islam in Europe, EU-Turkey Accession Process

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