A meta-collection of nitrogen stable isotope data measured in Arctic marine organisms from the Canadian Beaufort Sea, 1983-2013.

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From: BMC Research Notes(Vol. 14, Issue 1)
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Objectives Existing information on Arctic marine food web structure is fragmented. Integrating data across research programs is an important strategy for building a baseline understanding of food web structure and function in many Arctic regions. Naturally-occurring stable isotope ratios of nitrogen ([delta].sup.15N) and carbon ([delta].sup.13C) measured directly in the tissues of organisms are a commonly-employed method for estimating food web structure. The objective of the current dataset was to synthesize disparate [delta].sup.15N, and secondarily [delta].sup.13C, data in the Canadian Beaufort continental shelf region relevant to trophic and ecological studies at the local and pan-Arctic scales. Data description The dataset presented here contains nitrogen and carbon stable isotope ratios ([delta].sup.15N, [delta].sup.13C) measured in marine organisms from the Canadian Beaufort continental shelf region between 1983 and 2013, gathered from 27 published and unpublished sources with associated sampling metadata. A total of 1077 entries were collected, summarizing 8859 individual organisms/samples representing 333 taxa across the Arctic food web, from top marine mammal predators to primary producers. Keywords: Nitrogen stable isotopes, Trophic level, Marine ecosystem, Food web, Arctic

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