Components for providing person-centred palliative healthcare: An umbrella review.

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Keywords Non-communicable disease; Palliative care; Quality of life; Umbrella review Abstract Background Person-centred palliative healthcare is an important approach to maintaining and improving patients' quality of life living with a chronic non-communicable disease and their partners. Such an approach can reduce unnecessary hospitalisation, holistically address the patient and their partners' needs, and help develop an advance care plan. Objectives Assess, analyse, and synthesise the currently existing international guidelines for providing person-centred palliative care and identify the key components for providing a high-quality approach. Methods An umbrella review methodology of systematic reviews with the method of examination, analysis and synthesis of literature and the compilation method. Relevant systematic reviews of guidelines for providing person-centred palliative care in English, German and/or Slovenian language in PubMed, CINAHL, Web of Science and Cochrane Library databases, until November 2020. Results Out of 3,910 records, we included seven reviews for thematic synthesis. We identified four key elements of flourishing in person-centred palliative healthcare: (i) Healthcare staff prerequisites and traits; (ii) Palliative healthcare environment; (iii) Palliative healthcare processes; and (iv) Palliative healthcare outcomes. Conclusions We concluded that person-centred palliative healthcare plays an important role in the comprehensive treatment of patients living with a non-communicable disease accompanied by disturbing symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals and especially general practitioners about the possibilities of including patients with a non-communicable disease in early person-centred palliative healthcare. Tweetable Abstract: #UmbrellaReview of components for providing #personcentredpalliative #healthcare. Components provide healthcare professionals and interdisciplinary #palliative teams with the steps on how to give #personcentredpalliative #healthcare to #patient and #support to #carepartners Author Affiliation: (a) University of Maribor Faculty of Health Science, Maribor, Slovenia (b) University Medical Centre Maribor, Department of Psychiatry, Maribor, Slovenia (c) Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, Division of Nursing, Edinburgh, United Kingdom (d) University of Akureyri, School of Health Sciences, Akureyri, Iceland * Corresponding author at: University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Zitna ulica 15, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia. Article History: Received 4 March 2021; Revised 24 September 2021; Accepted 11 October 2021 Byline: Sergej Kmetec [] (a,*), Zvonka Fekonja [] (a), Jozica Cerne Kolaric (b), Natasa Mlinar Reljic [] (a), Brendan McCormack [] (c), Árún Kristín Sigurðardóttir [] (d), Mateja Lorber [] (a)

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