Towards a theory of indigenous entrepreneurship: a classic?

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Indigenous people often do not get the full benefits of economic development, regardless of their proximity to production factors. While many academics have recognised and investigated indigenous people's problems, relatively few have suggested entrepreneurship as a means to addressing them. In this paper, we explore Peredo et al.'s (2004) work, 'Towards a theory of indigenous entrepreneurship - a theory of entrepreneurship that accounts for indigenous people and sustainability'. Using Scopus and Google Scholar, a bibliometric analysis confirmed the impact of this work, first published some 16 years ago. The analysis reveals that the paper has been referenced over 300 times, with over 70% of these citations originating from online academic journal articles and books and 30% from different types of websites. The paper's substantial impact on future research in indigenous entrepreneurship indicates that it is and will continue to be a foundational work on indigenous entrepreneurship. Byline: Robertson Khan Tengeh, Hammed O. Ojugbele, Oyebanjo G. Ogunlela

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