Proof-of-concept and concurrent validity of a prototype headset to assess peak oxygen uptake without a face mask.

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From: BMC Research Notes(Vol. 15, Issue 1)
Publisher: BioMed Central Ltd.
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Objective Portable gas exchange instruments allow the assessment of peak oxygen uptake (VÌO.sub.2peak) but are often bulky, expensive and require wearing a face mask thereby limiting their routine application. A newly developed miniaturized headset (VitaScale, Nuremberg, Germany) may overcome these barriers and allow measuring VÌO.sub.2peak without applying a face mask. Here we aimed (i) to disclose the technical setup of a headset incorporating a gas and volume sensor to measure volume flow and expired oxygen concentration and (ii) to assess the concurrent criterion-validity of the headset to measure VÌO.sub.2peak in 44 individuals exercising on a stationary cycle ergometer in consideration of the test-retest reliability of the criterion measure. Results The coefficient of variation (CV%) while measuring VÌO.sub.2peak during incremental cycling with the headset was 6.8%. The CV% for reliability of the criterion measure was 4.0% for VÌO.sub.2peak. Based on the present data, the headset might offer a new technology for VÌO.sub.2peak measurement due to its low-cost and mask-free design. Keywords: Digital Health, eHealth, mHealth, Innovation, Data-informed training, Wearable

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