Effects of Nodes Mobility on the Energy Consumption of Routing Protocols (AODV, DSDV) in Adhoc Networks.

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Publisher: Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
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Provision of routing mechanism is the elemental concern in adhoc networks. Various routing protocols have been devised and are in use. Quest for the best is in progress and have highlighted certain limitations associated to every protocol. Assessments of routing protocols by their performance in the usage of bandwidth, route selection, delay, packet delivery ratio and throughput have been the main concerns for researchers. Mobility of nodes is a very charming characteristic of adhoc networks, however, it has an allied issue that its nodes are mostly limited battery powered. Routing protocols have a definite influence on the overall energy consumption of the nodes. Energy consumption is an equally important concern to be addressed in evaluating the existing or developing new routing protocols. This research will evaluate two well-known routing protocols AOVD and DSDV on basis of energy consumption. The affects of nodes mobility on the energy consumption levels of these routing protocols will remain the main focus. All the simulations will be made in NS 2.35, and will have these two different scenarios i.e. adhoc network with static nodes and adhoc network with mobile nodes. Keywords: adhoc networks, energy consumption, NS 2.35, AODV, DSDV

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