A Contactless Liquor Level Detection Method Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy.

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Date: Oct. 27, 2021
From: Journal of Sensors(Vol. 2021)
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Document Type: Article
Length: 3,039 words
Lexile Measure: 1240L

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In this paper, we proposed the terahertz technique to measure the liquid level of Chinese liquor in sealed pots. We analyzed the transmission process of terahertz pulse in the sealed pots and established a model of the relationship between terahertz pulse interval and liquor level. The measurement results are in good agreement with the theoretical model. The results show that the terahertz technique can realize the high precision measurement of liquor level. The absolute and relative errors are less than ±40μ m and 0.014%, respectively. In addition, we also evaluated the influence of dewdrop on the measurement accuracy. The results show that dewdrop only leads to a deviation of 18μ m. The results prove the value of terahertz technology in the field of liquid level monitoring.

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