Structural chemistry at McGill.

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From: Canadian Journal of Chemistry(Vol. 100, Issue 3)
Publisher: NRC Research Press
Document Type: Article
Length: 3,319 words
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A brief description of some of the key individuals at McGill University and their contributions to the development of crystallography is given. This is followed by examples of recent structure determinations, which include organic heterocycles, natural products, inorganic salts, and organometallic complexes. Specifically, the bispyridinium adduct of protoporphyrin, the piperidinyl adduct of 3,7-dichloroquinine, trisbenzylmethylthiol, sodium methylarsonium (V), potassium hydroxylamine sulfonate, Vaska's complex adduct from the oxidative addition of p-tolylmercaptan, and a bis isocyanoiminotriphenylphosphorane adduct of rutheniumdichloridetristriphenylphosphine are described. Key words: X-ray crystallography, protoporphyrin, methylarsonium, hydroxyaminesulfonate, organometallic. Cet article presente brievement certains chercheurs renommes de l'Universite McGill et decrit leur apport au developpement de la cristallographie. Cette mise en contexte est suivie d'exemples recents d'elucidation de structures, dont des heterocycles organiques, des produits naturels, des sels inorganiques et des complexes organometalliques. En particulier, nous decrivons l'adduit bispyridinium de la protoporphyrine, l'adduit piperidinyle de la 3,7 dichloroquinine, le tribenzylmethanethiol, le methylarseniate(V) de sodium, l'hydroxylaminesulfonate de potassium, l'adduit provenant de l'addition oxydante du p tolylmercaptan au complexe de Vaska et un adduit bis(isocyanoiminotriphenylphosphorane) du dichlorotris(triphenylphosphine)ruthenium. Mots-cles: diffraction des rayons X, protoporphyrine, methylarsenate, hydroxylaminesulfonate, organometallique.

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