Design and analysis of SRRC filter in wavelet based multiuser environment of mobile WiMax.

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Date: Apr. 12, 2022
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 161 words

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Spectrally efficient pulses has been recognised to mitigate the effect of inter-symbol interference (ISI) as well as satisfy the bandwidth limitations imposed by the multipath fading channels in wireless communication systems. Moreover, by allowing multiple users to utilise the transmission channel at the same time aspires towards achieving optimal spectral utilisation with acceptable error rates considering undesirable effects of correlated fading in the channel. In this paper, multi user environment is simulated in wavelet based OFDM system for WiMmax with square-root-raised-cosine (SRRC) filters employed as transmit and receive filters to perform matched filtering. The performance analysis in terms of BER as a function of signal to noise ratio (SNR) is investigated by varying the number of users for the purpose of comparing their relative performances to validate optimal resource allocation and meet higher data rate demand for various modulation schemes under AWGN channel. This simulation model is developed in MATLAB. Byline: Harpreet Kaur, Manoj Kumar, Ajay K. Sharma, Harjit Pal Singh

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