Characterization of inexpensive metal oxide sensor performance for trace methane detection.

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From: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques(Vol. 15, Issue 17)
Publisher: Copernicus GmbH
Document Type: Brief article
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Methane, a major contributor to climate change, is emitted by a variety of natural and anthropogenic sources. Commercially available lab-grade instruments for sensing trace methane are expensive, and previous efforts to develop inexpensive, field-deployable trace methane sensors have had mixed results. Industrial and commercial metal oxide (MOx) methane sensors, which are intended for leak detection and safety monitoring, can potentially be repurposed and adapted for low-concentration sensing. As an initial step towards developing a low-cost sensing system, we characterize the performance of five off-the-shelf MOx sensors for 2-10 ppm methane detection in a laboratory setting (Figaro Engineering TGS2600, TGS2602, TGS2611-C00, TGS2611-E00, and Henan Hanwei Electronics MQ4). We identify TGS2611-C00, TGS2611-E00, and MQ4 as promising for trace methane sensing but show that variations in ambient humidity and temperature pose a challenge for the sensors in this application.

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