Discharge sensitivity of collapsible drip tapes to water temperature /Sensibilidade da vazao de fitas gotejadoras colapsaveis a temperatura da agua.

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Publisher: ATECEL--Associacao Tecnico Cientifica Ernesto Luiz de Oliveira Junior
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The emitter discharge sensitivity to water temperature was not significantly affected by the wall thickness of the drip tape. The objective of this study was to quantify the effect of water temperature variations on the discharge of collapsible thin-walled drip tapes with integrated non-pressure-compensating emitters. The tests were conducted in the laboratory using an automated test bench. Tests were performed to determine the discharge-pressure curves by varying the water temperature from 20 to 50 [degrees]C. Nine emitter models of three wall thicknesses (6, 8, and 9 MIL) were evaluated. The coefficients K and x of the discharge-pressure curves varied according to the water temperature. In flat emitters of turbulent flow (x 0.5), the discharge increased as the temperature was increased, while for emitter C (x Key words: emitter, turbulent flow, drip irrigation, water temperature Objetivou-se neste estudo quantificar o efeito de variacoes da temperatura da agua na vazao de fitas gotejadoras colapsaveis, de parede fina, com emissores integrados nao regulados. Os ensaios foram conduzidos em laboratorio utilizando estrutura de ensaios automatizada. Foram realizados ensaios para determinacao das curvas vazao-pressao sob temperaturas de ensaio na faixa de 20 a 50 [degrees]C, para nove modelos de emissores com tres espessuras de parede (6, 8 e 9 MIL). Curvas vazao-pressao apresentaram distintos parametros K e x para cada temperatura. Para os emissores planos de fluxo turbulento (x 0,5) a vazao aumentou com o incremento da temperatura, enquanto no emissor C (x Palavras-chave: emissor, fluxo turbulento, gotejamento, temperatura da agua

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