Facile alpha/beta diastereomerism in organocobalt corrins: access to minor isomers of alkycobalt corrinoids by anaerobic photolysis

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Date: Apr. 29, 1992
From: Inorganic Chemistry(Vol. 31, Issue 9)
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Document Type: Article
Length: 63 words

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Alpha-CH3 Cbi and beta-CH3cbi exhibit a facile, photoinduced isomerization in a p47.0 phosphate-buffered solution to give the respective diasteromers. At a steady state of 25% to 30% alpha diastereomer, minor alpha alkylcobalt corrinoid isomers is obtained. This isomer is not obtainable except by photoinduced isomerization of the alpha-diastereomer. The beta-RCBL gives the minor alpha-RCBL under anaerobic photolysis at low pH and 10% yield.

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