A practical approach to internal inspection of pressure equipment.

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Author: A. Anwer
Date: Feb. 2020
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Co.
Document Type: Article
Length: 563 words
Lexile Measure: 1250L

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Internal inspections of pressure equipment involve a full inspection of the equipment. Inspection engineers and inspectors depend heavily on internal inspections to retrieve useful data, which includes information on active degradation mechanisms, corrosion rates, remaining equipment life, failure occurrences and failure expectations, among other critical details.

The results of these internal inspections are also important to operations, process and maintenance teams. Operations and process personnel are curious about the internals of pressure equipment, including information on catalysts and/or other media levels. Maintenance departments are interested to know if the pressure equipment is in good working order, or if repairs and/or replacement equipment are needed.

Internal inspections should be thorough and not miss anything that could lead to an unidentified active damage mechanism. Internal inspections can also identify equipment that should be added and in place during the next inspection opportunity....

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