Metagenomic Analysis of Dairy Bacteriophages: Extraction Method and Pilot Study on Whey Samples Derived from Using Undefined and Defined Mesophilic Starter Cultures

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From: Applied and Environmental Microbiology(Vol. 83, Issue 19)
Publisher: American Society for Microbiology
Document Type: Report
Length: 77 words

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An extraction method which allows the removal of the bulk protein from whey and milk samples with losses of less than 50% of spiked phages, optimized. The protocol is applied to extract phages from whey to test the notion that members of Lactococcus lactis 936, P335, c2 and Leuconostoc phage groups are the most frequently encountered in the dairy environment.Possible coinduction of temperate P335 prophages and satellite phages in one of the whey mixtures is also observed.AaAe

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