Retinol is sequestered in the bone marrow of vitamin A-deficient rats

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From: The Journal of Nutrition(Vol. 126, Issue 6)
Publisher: American Institute of Nutrition
Document Type: Article
Length: 259 words

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Retinoic acid bound to the nuclear retinoic acid receptor-[Alpha] is required for the differentiation of promyelocytes to mature neutrophils. However, severely vitamin A-deficient rats have normal numbers of neutrophils in the blood and inflamed tissues. This paradox was explored using four dietary groups of rats: 1) vitamin A-deficient rats; 2) vitamin A-deficient rats subsequently receiving vitamin A; 3) weight-matched pair-fed rats; and 4) nonrestricted, vitamin A-complete diet-fed rats. Plasma and liver retinol concentrations of the vitamin A-deficient rats were INDEXING KEY WORDS: * vitamin A deficiency * bone marrow * neutrophil hypersegmentation * rats

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