Physical, emotional and spiritual health of faculty: an exploratory study

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Date: Winter 2018
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
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Byline: Amit Jain, Shruti Mishra, Gajendra Yadav This study is sought to better understand the physical, spiritual and emotional health of faculties in educational institutions. The current study explores the work/job related health problems and difficulties which are faced by the faculties of educational institutions. These above-mentioned dimensions comprise of physical comfort/discomfort, emotional instability and spiritual health of employees. An exploratory study was conducted with the help of a structured interview schedule on a sample of 70 faculties and teachers. Results extracted with the help of content analysis indicated that faculties irrespective of gender have several physical discomforts which sometimes lead to emotional instability. Most of the faculties are negative for their overall health experience. To cope with this issue, this paper suggests suitable physical exercises and meditation to ensure better physical, spiritual and emotional health.

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