Best practices for inspecting guyed structures.

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Author: A. Anwer
Date: Nov. 2019
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Co.
Document Type: Article
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Guyed structures are common in petrochemicals, oil and gas and chemical industries. Half of the installed flare structures at many facilities are guyed. Various routine inspection programs are in place to examine these structures. This work describes some very basic checks, which should be in place to maintain their mechanical integrity.

Before proceeding to inspect guyed structures, major components need to be listed (FIG. l). These include:

* Guy wire

* Guy attachment

* Anchor

* Structure.

Inspection programs must be developed based on these four components.

The most important component in a guyed structure is the guy wire. Since all the load is transmitted through this component, it is the primary lifeline of the structure. Other components--the anchor, guy attachment and the supported structure--are important, but their chances of failure are remote.

Guy wire. The basic and the foremost inspection of a guy wire is to perform a thorough visual check. This should provide information related to the general condition of the wire, especially the lubricated portion. Grease...

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