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Date: Winter 2014
From: The Southern Review(Vol. 50, Issue 1)
Publisher: Louisiana State University
Document Type: Article
Length: 505 words
Lexile Measure: 1300L

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THE STUDIO PRACTICE OF Bernadí Roig speaks of society at the edges, caught in a time tainted by the loss of historical memory and identity. The artist works in a wide variety of media, but always focuses on the conflicts that arise from the lack of communication between people. Ina mass media-addled world, Roig's individuals lose the ability to distinguish truth from fiction and important issues from trivial concerns. "Today we are living in an atmosphere saturated with images," the artist says, "but the experience that they produce has a low intensity. Now it is more difficult than ever to give meaning to an image. We are subjected to light, a light that dissolves the outlines of things, a white light within which everything fluctuates." Roig...

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