The complete genome sequence of Hafnia alvei A23BA; a potential antibiotic-producing rhizobacterium.

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From: BMC Research Notes(Vol. 14, Issue 1)
Publisher: BioMed Central Ltd.
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Objectives The urgent need for novel antibiotics cannot be overemphasized. Hafnia alvei A23BA was isolated from plant rhizosphere as part of an effort to recover novel antibiotic-producing bacterial strains from soil samples. The genome of the isolate was sequenced to facilitate mining for potential antibiotic-encoding biosynthetic gene clusters and to gain insights into how these gene clusters could be activated. Data description Here, we report the complete genome sequence of H. alvei A23BA obtained from the hybrid assembly of Illumina HiSeq and GridION reads. The genome, consisting of a circular chromosome and a circular plasmid, is 4.77 Mb in size with a GC content of 48.77%. The assembly is 99.5% complete with genomic features including 4,217 CDSs, 125 RNAs, and 30 pseudogenes. Thiopeptide, beta-lactone, siderophore, and homoserine lactone biosynthetic gene clusters were also identified. Other gene clusters of interest include those associated with bioremediation, biocontrol, and plant growth promotion- all of which are reported for H. alvei for the first time. This dataset serves to expedite the exploration of the biosynthetic and metabolic potentials of the species. Furthermore, being the first published genome sequence of a soil isolate, this dataset enriches the comparative genomics study of H. alvei strains. Keywords: Hafnia alvei, H. alvei, Genome mining, Biosynthetic gene clusters, Antibiotics, Rhizobacteria, Bioremediation, Biocontrol, Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria

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