Integration of mental health services into HIV healthcare facilities among Thai adolescents and young adults living with HIV.

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Introduction: To assess the burden of depression, anxiety and suicidality; and to determine the impact of integrated menta health and HIV services on treatment outcomes among Thai adolescents and young adults living with HIV (AYHIV). Methods: A multicentre prospective cohort study was conducted among AYHIV (15 to 25 years), and age- and sex-matched HIV-uninfected adolescents and young adults (HUAY). The Patient Health Questionnaire 9-item (PHQ-9) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item scales (GAD-7) were used as screening tools for depressive and anxiety symptoms respectively. History of lifetime and recent suicidal ideations/attempts were ascertained. Elevated mental health screening scores were defined as having either significant depressive symptoms (PHQ-9 [greater than or equal to]9), significant anxiety symptoms (GAD-7 [greater than or equal to]10) or suicidality (lifetime; and recent [within two weeks]). Participants meeting these criteria were referred to psychiatrists for confirmatory diagnosis and mental health services. Follow-up assessment with PHQ-9 and GAD-7 was performed one year after psychiatric referral. Results: From February to April 2018, 150 AYHIV and 150 HUAY were enrolled, median age was 19.0 (IQR:16.8 to 21.8) years and 56% lived in urban areas. Among AYHIV, 73% had HIV RNA Conclusions: With the significant burden of MHDs among AYHIV, an integration of mental health services, including menta health screenings, and psychiatric consultation and referral, is critically needed and should be scaled up in HIV healthcare facilities. Keywords: anxiety disorders; depressive disorders; integrated mental health services; psychiatric disorders; suicidality; youth iving with HIV

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