Histopathological Diagnosis of Leprosy.

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Author: David Scollard
Date: Mar. 2022
From: Leprosy Review(Vol. 93, Issue 1)
Publisher: British Leprosy Relief Association
Document Type: Book review
Length: 900 words
Lexile Measure: 1470L

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Histopathological Diagnosis of Leprosy. Cleverson Teixiera Soares. (English) Bentham Science Publishers. 2021

Expertise in the histopathology of leprosy is declining, part of the general dwindling of overall medical expertise in this field. This extensively illustrated textbook addresses this deficit, and the updated knowledge included here makes it particularly relevant for today's pathologists. This book is a remarkable accomplishment, bringing to readers the benefits of the extensive pathology experience of the author at the Instituto Lauro de Sousa Lima, the national leprosy referral center in Brazil. It offers a comprehensive presentation of the histopathological findings in skin biopsies across the leprosy spectrum. It is well referenced and up to date.

The text presents careful and meticulous descriptions of the histopathological features of the different classifications of leprosy and its reactions. Each chapter has a concise discussion of the differential diagnosis and photos illustrate important lesions ranging from common diseases such as tinea versicolor to rarer considerations such as secondary syphilis.

These are extensively illustrated by many high quality photomicrographs of variations and details of histological findings that will be most appreciated by pathologists less experienced with interpretation of leprosy biopsies. The many nuances of the pathology of leprosy presented here will be especially appreciated by pathologists with more experience. A notable feature, seldom represented well in other texts, is the inclusion of illustrations of the staining...

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