Are you ready for Generation X? (Changing World View)

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Date: January-February 2000
From: Physician Executive(Vol. 26, Issue 1)
Publisher: American College of Physician Executives
Document Type: Article
Length: 5,005 words

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Generational analysis considers the differences in world view and attitude between various generations of Americans and uses this information to develop insight and business strategies. The much discussed generation gap between the Baby Boomers and their elders during the 1 960s and 1970s is equaled or exceeded by the differences between Generations X and Y and the Boomers. Generation X physicians will be coming into practice over the next two decades. Successful medical leaders must understand Gen-Xers to create clinical environments that meet their unique needs and concerns. This article describes some of the philosophical and attitudinal differences between the generations and what these differences may mean to the future of medicine and health care organizations.

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