Agency Reviews Patent Application Approval Request for "Method of Identifying Therapies for Pulmonary Hypertension"

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Date: Aug. 10, 2013
Publisher: NewsRX LLC
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By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week -- United Therapeutics Corporation has been issued patent application serial number 738232, according to news reporting originating out of Washington, D.C., by NewsRx editors (see also United Therapeutics Corporation).

The patent's inventors are Sprague, Randy Stephen (Webster Groves, MO); Stephenson, Alan Howard (Manchester, MO); Ellswroth, Mary Litchfield (Manchester, MO); Bowles, Elizabeth A. (St. Louis, MO).

This patent application was filed on January 10, 2013 and was made available online on July 25, 2013.

From the background information supplied by the inventors, news correspondents obtained the following quote: "Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a progressive lung disorder which, untreated, leads to death on average within 2.8 years after being diagnosed. An increasing constriction of the pulmonary circulation leads to increased stress on the right heart, which may develop into right heart failure. PAH is a disease of uncertain etiology that leads to right ventricular failure, and ultimately death.

"Although many causes and conditions are found to be associated with PAH, many of them share in common several fundamental pathophysiological features. One important feature among these processes is dysfunction of the endothelium, the internal cellular layer of all vessel walls, which is normally responsible for the production and metabolism of a large array of substances that regulate vessel tone and repair and inhibit clot formation. In the setting of PAH, endothelial dysfunction can lead to excessive production of deleterious substances and impaired production of protective substances. Whether this is the primary event in the development of PAH or part...

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