Aging Gracefully?

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Date: Winter 2000
Publisher: University of Tennessee, EERC
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The presidential race of 2000 taught us many things: subliminal advertising works best when it is in fact subliminal, our politicians' grasp of mathematics is a bit fuzzy, and the elderly vote counts--again and again and again in parts of Florida. Indeed, issues related to aging and the aged--Social Security; Medicare, the cost of prescription drugs--are high on everyones list of concerns. Why? The country and the world are graying, with great consequence for all.

With aging come many facts and even more questions--both on a global and individual level. At the global end of the scale, Peter Peterson, author of Gray Dawn: How the Coming Age Wave Will Transform America...and the World, likens the situation to a demographic iceberg looming ahead. "What's visible above the waterline is the unprecedented growth in the ratio of elderly to working-age people," Peterson says. "What lurks beneath the surface are the wrenching fiscal and economic costs that threaten to bankrupt even the greatest of...

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