Advertising ethics: emerging methods and trends

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Date: Sept. 1994
From: Journal of Advertising(Vol. 23, Issue 3)
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 2,816 words

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What is Ethics? What is Advertising? The contemporary philosopher William Frankena (1973), has defined ethics as a set of moral principles directed at enhancing societal well-being. Frankena reduces those moral prinicples to two: beneficence (doing good) and justice (being fair). Another contemporary philosopher, Geoffrey Warnock (1971), lists four principles which seem to be particularly appropriate for advertising: beneficence, nonmaleficence (don't harm), nondeception, and nondiscrimination. At times, questions have arisen as to whether such principles are followed and whether societal well-being is, indeed, enhanced by the actions of advertisers. (Reprinted by permission of the publisher.)

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