Public perceptions of subliminal advertising: why practitioners shouldn't ignore this issue

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Date: March-April 1993
From: Journal of Advertising Research(Vol. 33, Issue 2)
Publisher: World Advertising Research Center Ltd.
Document Type: Cover story
Length: 4,764 words

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Consumer awareness of subliminal advertising and the degree to which they believe that subliminal messages in media are used to influence people's attitudes and behavior are studied. Telephone surveys were conducted for 400 households and it was found that 74.3% of respondents were aware of subliminal advertising. When asked if they believed advertisers deliberately included subliminal messages, 61.5% responded 'yes'. A 72.2% 'yes' answer was obtained when asked if subliminal advertisements were effective. Based on these results,it can be concluded that consumers are aware of subliminal advertising, believeit is used by advertisers and is effective in influencing decisions. Advertisers should pay attention to consumer opinions about subliminal advertising because these perceptions whether, true or not, influence their views on advertisements and the industry as a whole.

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