Shots can provide same level of control as pumps. (The Diabetes Advisor)

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Date: Mar. 2003
From: Diabetes Forecast(Vol. 56, Issue 3)
Publisher: American Diabetes Association
Document Type: Article
Length: 517 words

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CHOOSING whether to stick with shots or to get an insulin pump involves weighing the many pluses and minuses of each. Shots are much cheaper and easier, take much less training, and involve little maintenance. Pumps, though costly and complex, offer great flexibility, especially for people who travel, work different shifts, or otherwise have schedules that vary from day to day.

One important question is, which method will provide you the best blood sugar control? For many people, either one can do a good job. Even so, in the past, pumps were particularly recommended for people who could not get good control on three or four shots a day.

Today, there are new forms of insulin, including fast-acting insulins such as insulin lispro, whose actions mimic the body's natural...

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