Journalists and Public Relations professionals: from influence and dependence to journalistic disintermediations.

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From: El Profesional de la Informacion(Vol. 29, Issue 3)
Publisher: EPI SCP
Document Type: Article
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Relations between journalists and Public Relations professionals have been the subject of various investigations. In a context in which great precariousness in the media coincides with an increase and professionalization of communication agencies, we propose to study their informational relations. Our objective is to determine the perceptions of journalists and Public Relations professionals regarding their work and profession, identify how the influences between these two groups of professionals are established, and evaluate their routines and interactions. This research has been carried out using the qualitative discussion group technique (n = 43). Among the results, the media's weakness stands out in the face of Public Relations that is experiencing a golden age, capable of exercising not only a relationship of influence that fits with the "determination model" but also aspiring to journalistic disintermediation. Keywords Public Relations; Journalism; Communication agencies; Communication offices; Source journalism; Corporate communication; Organizational communication; Media relations; Agenda setting; Precariousness of journalism; Mediatization; Journalistic disintermediation; Professionals; Journalists; Public Relations practitioners.

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